Winter Term starts January 8th, 2018


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Buddhist Studies

Buddhist Mahayana Sutras (DHS214)
Mondays, 7 – 8:30 PM (January 8 – March 12, 2018)
We will read and discuss in depth Mahayana Sutras, including an introduction to the Avatamsaka Sutra (The Flower Ornament Sutra), and Sutras on Emptiness from the book “A Treasury of Mahayana Sutras” (Pennsylvania State University Press, 1983).
Cost: $180. Instructor(s): Bob Byrne.

Compassion in Action: Quarter 4 of the Path of Liberation Program (DHS 205)
Tuesdays, 7 – 8:30 PM (January 9 – March 13, 2018)
The depth and vastness of the Dharma restores the foundation, purpose, and direction of human life, inspiring a way of living oriented toward loving-kindness, compassion, and selflessness. In this quarter, we will explore what it means to live a life dedicated to compassion and wisdom, tracing the movements of the Dharma through different times and cultures. We will look at biographies of great masters, men and women from India and Tibet, and trace the development of the different schools of Buddhist thought. We also continue to cultivate inner capabilities for compassionate wisdom through study and practice as we explore the relevance of this tradition for modern life.
Cost: $200. Includes “Kamalashila and the Stages of Meditation” workshop on February 24. Instructor(s): Mark Henderson and Hugh Joswick. Prerequisites: Previous Path of Liberation course in this series, or consent of the instructors.

Guide to Chanting Tibetan Prayers (DHS114)
Wednesdays, 1:30–3 PM (January 10 – March 14, 2018)
This class presents a special opportunity for individuals to learn chanting of traditional prayers without prior knowledge of the Tibetan language. Practice materials will be provided showing the Tibetan text, phonetic pronunciation, and English translation. In addition to providing background teachings, Lama Palzang will methodically guide students in the correct pronunciation, melody, and rhythm of selected traditional Buddhist prayers, including Lama Mipham’s profound and beautiful Practice of Shakyamuni and the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra.
Cost: $162. Instructor(s): Mark Henderson. Prerequisite: sincere interest in the Buddha’s teachings. Please note that there is no class on January 31.

Nyingma Meditation Courses

Advanced Meditation:  The Noble Eightfold Path (MED306)
Mondays, 7 – 8:30 PM (January 8 – March 12, 2018)
These fundamental, foundational practices are key to living and learning in a way that manifests the path towards enlightenment. This class leads us to engage anew with the Noble Eightfold Path and ask ourselves how we can return to them again and again, and to work with them on multiple levels.
Cost: $180. Instructor(s): Santosh Philips. Prerequisites: Three years of meditation experience, or consent of the instructor.

Intermediate Meditation:  Opening Pathways to Inner Joy (MED213)
Wednesdays 10-11:30AM (January 10 – March 14, 2018)
Anyone with some meditation experience who wants to deepen their practice is welcome.  Our goal is to deeply relax the body and quiet the mind, by focusing awareness on the energy and joy inherent in the present moment –  right now – letting go of past obsessions and future worries.
Cost: $162. Instructor(s): Olivia Hurd. Please note that there is no class on January 31.

Intermediate Meditation:  Overcoming All Obstacles (MED202)
Wednesdays, 7 – 8:30 PM (January 10 – March 14, 2018)
Tarthang Tulku describes meditation as “a way of opening our lives to the richness of experience.” Yet all too often we feel our way is blocked by restrictive patterns and confusion. Can we learn to embrace whatever we experience as a source of spiritual understanding? Can obstacles be transformed to release their trapped energy? In this course, we examine how to identify and overcome the most common obstacles to meditation in order to appreciate and understand our experience as a path to enlightenment.  Based on readings from Openness Mind and open to students with some practice in meditation.
Cost: $162. Instructor(s):  Hugh Joswick. Prerequisites: Some experience with meditation, or consent of the instructor. Please note that there is no class on January 31.

Beginning Meditation:  Self-Acceptance and Self-Appreciation through Meditation (MED111)
Thursdays, 7-8:30 PM (January 11 – March 15, 2018)
This class is for beginners or for those wishing support in establishing a regular meditation practice at home.  We will work with practices to cultivate inner serenity, which naturally leads to a more harmonious relationship and more compassionate attitude toward ourselves, deepening appreciation for our whole being.
Cost: $162. Instructor(s): Olivia Hurd. Please note that there is no class on February 1.

Nyingma Psychology and Practices

Nyingma psychology and practices offer unique insight into the human situation and innovative ways to ease emotional discomfort and increase well-being.

NPS 114 Practicing with Dimensions of Mind (NPS114)
Thursdays, 7 – 8:30 PM (January 11 – March 15, 2018)
In Dimensions of Mind, Tarthang Tulku challenges our usual ways of thinking about meditation and the nature of the mind. He asks us to move to a deeper understanding of the nature of mind and to see how we have come to accept and embrace limitations that prevent access to a deeper way of knowing. It is as if we have been asleep and do not acknowledge that mind itself holds a great treasury of knowledge. We think we have lost the real jewel, but the treasure is right here when we know how to look. In this class, we explore exercises from Dimensions of Mind that open the treasures of mind and awaken the knowledge of inner freedom.
Cost: $162. Instructor(s): Pema Gellek and Hugh Joswick. Please note that there is no class on February 1.

Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga)

The gentle movement, massage, and breathing practices of Kum Nye promote physical and emotional health as they bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual.

Advanced Kum Nye:  Transforming Breath, Energy, Feeling (KNR301)
Tuesdays, 7 – 8:30 PM (January 9 – March 13, 2018)
Breathing and movement exercises stimulate and direct the energy of body and mind; visualization practices awaken and sustain inner vitality; and meditation practices foster serenity. These practices are simple and yet profound, gentle and yet deeply transformative.
Cost: $180. Instructor(s): Santosh Philips. Prerequisites: two years of Kum Nye practice. 

Beginning Kum Nye:  Discovering and Healing Ourselves through Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga (KNR111)
Thursdays, 7–8:30 PM (January 11 – March 15, 2018)
This second semester of the year long introduction to Kum Nye focuses on Kum Nye exercises that activate a positive healing process that nurtures us mentally and physically, contacting and integrating body and mind. Practices promote deep relaxation, stimulation of body and sensory awareness, and also relieve tension and blockages in physical, subtle energy, and emotional systems. Prior Kum Nye courses or experience is recommended but not required.
Cost: $162. Instructor(s): Abbe Blum. Please note that there is no class on February 1.

Mixed Level Kum Nye:  Awakening and Healing through the Senses (KNR109)
Fridays, 10 – 11:30 AM (January 12 – March 16, 2018)
As we practice Kum Nye and deeply relax, the physical body and senses coordinate and integrate with mind. We become acquainted with stillness. We discover presence and vitality as the basis of our inner nature. Together we explore the operation of our senses as two-way channels that help integrate and heal the division between our inner and outer environments.
Cost: $162. Drop-in: $18/class. Instructor(s): Peggy Kincaid. Please note that there is no class on February 2.

Skillful Means

Society Within: Structure of Relationship (SKM219)
Wednesdays, 7 – 8:30 PM (January 10 – March 14, 2018)
We explore six aspects of human mind that are the core of Society Within: Emotional motivation and sympathy with others’ feelings are basic factors. Relationship shapes us through interaction and allows us to be ‘We.’ Relationship also balances contentious self-interest for the sake of cooperation, and gives rise to conscious thoughts that occupy our minds. These aspects are valuable for cultural survival, but have harmful side effects that cause personal suffering. We experiment with better ways to deploy underlying human capabilities involved in Society Within.
Cost: $162. Instructor(s): Barr Rosenberg, Santosh Philips. Please note that there is no class on January 31.

Time, Space and Knowledge

Dynamic Realization of Time (TSK109)
Tuesdays, 6:15 – 7:45 PM (January 9 – March 13, 2018)
This course consists of experiential forms of inquiry into our presence as expressions of time, space, and knowledge, with a focus on time.
Cost: $180. Drop-in: $18/class. Instructor(s): Ken McKeon. Prerequisite: Background in meditation and familiarity with the TSK vision, or consent of the instructor.

Tibetan Language Courses

Knowledge of classical written Tibetan unlocks a treasury of wisdom—the vast sacred literature of Tibet. 

Beginning Tibetan, Level II (TIB102)
Tuesdays, 1:30–3 PM (January 9 – March 13, 2018)
Learn to read and pronounce Tibetan script; study basic Tibetan grammar; and develop a working vocabulary.
Cost: $180. Instructor(s): Mark Henderson. Prerequisites: Beginning Tibetan Level I, or consent of the instructor.

Tibetan Tutorial (TIB301)
Fridays, 4:30–5:45 PM (January 12 – March 16, 2018)
Reading and translation in the classical Tibetan language.
Cost: $162. Instructor: Barr Rosenberg. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Please note that there is no class on February 2.

Intermediate Tibetan, Level II (TIB202)
Fridays, 7–8:30 PM (January 12 – March 16, 2018)
Selected readings in the classical Tibetan language with grammar instruction.
Cost: $162. Instructor: Mollie Hughes. Prerequisite: Intermediate Tibetan Level I, or consent of the instructor. Please note that there is no class on February 2.